Are you at a loss with your weight loss?

Have you tried every diet going, yet none of them have worked long-term?

Would you like to know the secret to lasting,

sustainable results?

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Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to lose weight, but nothing seems to work long-term?


You’ve tried every diet on the market and failed.

It’s not your fault.

These diets might work in the short-term, but they don’t offer a permanent solution, they don’t educate you and

it’s easy to fall back into old habits when the diet has ended.

If you can relate to this problem, I have the solution.

The Fiona Digby-Jones Method is a 12-week online coaching programme, that will put an end to your frustration and the need for food restrictions and fad diets for good.

With tailored support, this programme will change the way you think about weight loss.

In fact, if you start now, you will have integrated your first new habit by next weekend!

Just imagine being able to ditch all those baggy clothes and upscale your wardrobe with outfits that show off your new body. 

The Fiona Digby-Jones Method will:


  • Give you the confidence to work with your own diet and lose weight. The most successful diets are the ones you can adhere to.

  • Coach you through custom-made, progressive resistance training programmes that fit your goals. When you look after your body, it looks after you.

  • Introduce you to nutritional habits that you will integrate gradually over time. When you focus on one thing at a time, you’re much more likely to incorporate it into your life long-term.

  • Sort fact from fiction. There's a lot of misleading diet information out there.

  • Guide you every step of the way. You’re not alone, you will be supported by me. Walk away with skills you can use for the rest of your life.

Kate, Guildford

A good PT is worth their weight in gold! Having worked with Fiona, I feel much more confident about knowing what to listen to and what to ignore on the internet! This has made my health and fitness journey much easier and more meaningful.

My lifestyle has changed a lot. No more crash, fad diets! I am stronger than I’ve been in over a decade. Who’d have thought I could lift weights ever, let alone starting in my 40s! I now have the confidence to walk into a gym and train without worrying about looking silly or what others might be thinking.

Kat, Bristol

I started training remotely with Fi having always been relatively active but never truly understanding what I needed to do to achieve my goals.

Fi’s energy and commitment to getting me on-track was incredible. Not only did she take the time to understand the challenges I had previously had with exercise, she made interesting and challenging programme suggestions specifically for my goals and lifestyle. Fi was always available to answer questions, offer nutritional advice and give me the encouragement I needed to kick-start a totally new approach and mindset to exercise. Fi’s philosophy, that fitness is a lifestyle, not just a programme with an end date, has stuck with me and led to some dramatic results. I have shifted a lot of fat, toned areas I didn’t think I could and feel totally transformed in mind and body.


Fi is 100% committed to getting you the results you want and her passion for what she does rubs off on you!  I cannot recommend Fi enough. 

Bee, Chiswick

I reached out to Fi as I needed a simple work out that would fit in with the little time I had and the little space available in my flat so that I could work out at home! She guided me to buy the correct equipment and created for me a fab work out that covered the brief in its entirety!! Results felt immediate!! Shes is a truly exceptional person who will hold you accountable yet nurture your health and wellness needs. She is dedicated, driven and talented. Stick with this PT - she is another level!! 

Here’s what you get with the

Fiona Digby-Jones Method:

Personalised nutrition targets

Personalised workout programmes, including instructional videos and descriptions of all exercises

12 weekly nutrition coaching videos

Weekly fitness and nutrition tips

Recipe inspiration

Weekly 1-2-1 check-in

Daily habit tracking

Custom results tracking

Access to the Fiona Digby-Jones Mobile App

Access to the Fiona Digby-Jones private Facebook Group

And you’ll get all of this for just 3 monthly payments of £85.

That’s right! For 12 weeks, you will be coached and supported by me, all week for less than the cost of a weekly family pizza meal deal!


But don’t delay. Spaces are limited and once they're filled, you’ll miss the opportunity to learn the

best way to take control of your weight loss for life.



If you follow this programme and don’t get value from it or see results in the first 4 weeks then you’ll receive a full refund.


What's stopping you? Click the subscribe button below and start today.

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The Fiona Digby-Jones Method is proven to create a stronger, happier, healthier more confident you.


Don’t delay as spaces fill up fast. Buy now with my NO RISK 100% money-back guarantee.

All you pay is £2.83 per day and you will get access to this tailored coaching programme that is guaranteed to give you results.

When you sign up, you will get access to personalised nutrition and fitness advice, which when implemented, will give you the best results of your life.

PLUS you get all of this RISK-FREE. You have the peace of mind of knowing that if you follow this method and don’t see results, I will personally give you your money back.




My gym doesn't have a particular piece of equipment, can I still do the workouts?

Yes, all workouts are personalised, so if your gym only has a limited amount of equipment your workouts will be designed around this.

I don't have a gym membership, can I still do this programme?

Yes, I programme home workouts for those who don't have a gym membership.

I've got an injury, can I still exercise?

This largely depends on the type of injury and it's very important that you've been cleared to exercise by your health professional. If you have been given the go-ahead to exercise, workouts will be structured to work around your injury.

Will I still see results if I miss a workout?

Yes, missing one workout won't be detrimental to your results, and in any case, your diet will be the biggest contributor to your weight loss results. However, if you miss too many workouts, your results won't be as swift. Consistency is key so try to prioritise your workouts as much as possible

What do I do if I don't know how to perform a particular exercise?

All exercises are accompanied by video demonstrations and written descriptions, however, to give you peace of mind, you can also film yourself doing the exercise for me to check. If you need to make improvements, I will let you know.

What happens if I have a holiday booked during the programme?

That's not a problem. You can access your programme wherever you are in the world so there's no need to worry about missing anything.

Will I still be able to eat meals with my family?

Yes! That's the whole point, this programme is designed to work around you and not the other way around. You will be making small changes to what you already eat so you can eat the same meals as the rest of your family.

Do you provide a meal plan?

No. The most successful diets are the ones you can stick to and the diet you are most likely to stick to is your own. Adopting a whole new way of cooking, with ingredients you may not be familiar with or even like won't last for long and you will find yourself back at square one. You will be making small changes to your current diet each week that, when implemented consistently, will give you results. However, I will give you recipes for inspiration along the way.

Can I drink alcohol throughout the programme?

Yes, but please be aware that this will slow down or even stop you getting results. Not only is alcohol the second-most calorific nutrient, but it also encourages you to make high-calorie food choices. If you are really serious about losing weight, limit alcohol as much as possible.

Do I need to keep exercising after the programme has finished?

Yes, this programme is the start of your new lifestyle. If you don't implement the exercise and nutrition changes long-term, you will go back to where you were at week one. You can refer back to every step in this program long after the initial 12 weeks are up.

Can I continue online personal training with you after the programme has finished?

Yes, absolutely. I will be in contact at the end of your programme to discuss your on-going coaching options.

If you have a question that hasn't already been answered,

drop me an email at the address below.