What excites you?

What motivates you to do the things you do? What motivated you to improve your diet and exercise routine in January? Christmas, and all the indulgences that go with it? Did you create new habits from that motivation to keep you going all year and beyond, or did it all get a bit overwhelming and now you feel like you're back to where you started?

There are a lot of questions there for a Monday, but do you find yourself doing the same things every year and don't actually get anywhere? (sorry, another question! 😉)

Sometimes we all need a bit of help from others, we can't do everything on our own, and having someone there who's got your back and can put you on the right path to success will put an end of the perpetual motion of overindulging in December, crash dieting in January, only to give up in February with feelings of frustration. Reaching out to those who can help is a sign of strength and will save you time in reaching those weight loss goals that are so important to you.

I help my clients to change their mindset and build new habits into their daily routine which lead to incredible weight loss results. If you're motivated to fit into that beautiful dress for the Christmas party and don't want to fall into Camp 'Christmas is around the corner so I might as well give up until January' send me an email with the word 'Motivated' and I'll send you details on how I can help you create life-changing habits that will give you long-term, sustainable weight loss results.