Nutrition myth exposed

We live in a world with too many fad diets, there shouldn’t be any fad diets for weight loss!

Most of these diets champion one extreme or another, they build you up with their empty promises and then let you down when you find the diet too hard to stick to and give up altogether. How are you supposed to stick to a restrictive diet at a restaurant, or dinner party, or when you’re on holiday? Granted, we can’t do any of those things right now but you get my point.

Staying away from fad diets and sticking to the fundamentals of healthy balanced diet that includes lean protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats in the right proportions for your goals will result in long term weight loss success.

Following advice from so-called “experts” who’ve discovered the “new secret” to your weight loss desires is only going to waste your time, and result in you feeling frustrated both by having to give up your favourite foods and after you get bored of the diet, fall off the wagon and feel as though you’ve failed. Food should make you feel better, not worse!

There is no quick-fix, magic pill or groundbreaking new diet that will quickly and easily solve your problems. The only reliable method of successfully losing weight long term is by understanding and consistently applying the fundamentals of nutrition.

If you have felt the frustrations of fad diets or feel stuck with no direction right now, drop me a message if you'd like to apply to come under my wing.