Make life difficult for yourself

For every labour-intensive task we’ve ever had to do, there now seems to be an invention to make it easier. This obviously isn’t a bad thing, but by their very nature, some of these inventions mean we don’t move and use our bodies half as much as we used to. Now, I’m not saying we should bring back the washboard and mangle, but there are some labour-saving inventions we should ignore as much as possible, here are just a few:

💥Escalators/lifts – every time you come across one of these, opt for the stairs instead

💥Cars – there are lots of car journeys that we can’t do without, however, there are some that we can. If you have a short car journey that can be replaced by a slightly longer walk, opt for the walk.

💥Shopping trolleys – if you haven’t got much to buy, use a basket instead of a trolley

And so on…

Every time you decide to opt for the harder version of a task, you will expend more energy, and therefore calories, creating a more optimal environment for fat loss. This is particularly useful if you’re someone who finds it hard to fit in time for planned exercise.

Have you already adopted this approach? Let me know in the comments below 👇