It's business as usual for your weight loss goals

We are currently dealing with a very different reality to the one we’re used to and that in itself is a lot to get our heads around.

It’s perfectly understandable that any weight loss goal you had before everything went a bit nuts has temporarily slipped down your list of priorities. BUT don’t lose sight of that goal. It was important to you before and apart from the obvious nothing has changed.

You had your reasons for wanting to lose weight in the first place, so keep focusing on those reasons. If your focus was to lose weight for an upcoming holiday, don’t let the fact that that holiday is now in jeopardy, or has been cancelled altogether, derail your efforts. The weather is getting better here, and soon we’ll all be baring more flesh, so if that helps to keep you motivated instead of your holiday, use it!

You were making progress before the gyms had to close, so keep going! You will just have to attack things from a different angle for a while. Start by investing in some home exercise equipment (dumbbells, resistance bands, sliders and a suspension trainer are all excellent options) and sign up to my free 2-week home workout program for inspiration, details can be found here

To crank things up a notch, take on the Fundamental Fat Loss Formula

Don't give up!