How to keep your fitness motivation up throughout December

With just 3 weeks to go until Christmas Day and your diary filling up with Christmas parties, Nativity Plays and the all-important Christmas shopping trips, it can be easy to put all of that first and forget about looking after number one and hard to stay motivated to exercise and eat well this month, so here are 3 tips to help keep you on top of your game in the coming weeks:

1. Buy some new activewear. With fitness not exactly at the forefront of retailers minds at this time of year, there's a chance you might be able to pick up some bargains in the leggings department, and who doesn't love showing off their new threads in the gym?

2. Think of that LBD. I would be willing to bet that one of the reasons you exercise is because you want to look good and feel confident in that dress you've been waiting all year to wear.

3. Remember those resolutions you set yourself in January? Wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to make them again in the New Year? Keep the momentum going for just a few more weeks and chances are, you won't have to.

I fully appreciate that time is tight right now, and a full gym session may not be in the realms of possibility for you, but even a 10-15 minute home workout will help stop you from falling off the wagon completely. You may be dangling by one leg, but that's better than being left behind in the dust 😆

Don't forget, if you need some home workout inspiration, I've got plenty of videos here on this blog 😁, just click here