And would you just take a look at this beauty! What a fine specimen. Yet we're so conditioned to believe that this kind of food is the enemy when we're trying to lose weight. Am I right, ladies? Well, quite frankly, I like to stick 2 fingers up to all that! Don't get me wrong, sadly, we can't have our cake and eat it all the time, for one thing, you'd feel pretty sick pretty quickly, and nutritionally, it's not great. But you CAN still enjoy a treat such as this every now and then and STILL lose weight. It all comes down to the simple rule of calories in, calories out.

A lot of people think that because I'm a Personal Trainer, I must eat perfectly all the time, those that know me will tell you that that couldn't be further from the truth. I craved a muffin so badly the other day that I made a special trip into town just to buy one! And did I enjoy it? Hell yes! Did it make me fat as a, nope! Yes, I eat a balanced diet the majority of the time, and I know how much food I should eat to keep my weight in check. The weight gain problem comes when we aren't aware of either a) how many calories we need on a daily basis and overeat, or b) we aren't truthful with ourselves when it comes to how much we're actually eating and drinking.

If you're trying to lose weight, simply keeping a log of what you're eating and drinking on a daily basis is a great place to start. The act of logging our food helps to bring awareness of what we're eating to the forefront of our minds, and we often make better choices as a result.

So, all hail the muffin in all its glory, enjoy one every now and then and don't worry about it. If you're goal is to lose weight, just include it in your daily calorie allowance/food log and all will be well.