Fancy a chip?

Is it OK to eat bad food every now and then? Yes, absolutely, but before I go on, I just want to point out that no food should be labelled as bad, however, you can have a bad diet.

Eating the odd fishfinger sandwich (see above), pizza, takeaway etc once in a while isn't going to have a detrimental effect on your weight loss results. In fact, it can help to keep you on track long term. Depriving yourself of all the foods you enjoy all the time will result in you bingeing on the very food you are trying to avoid and quite possibly giving up on your goal altogether!

Naturally, I encourage all my clients to eat a diet full of fresh wholesome foods, but I also reassure them that it's OK to indulge every now and then. I coach new habits for life, life is for living and who wants to go through their whole life without ever enjoying their favourite foods?? No, me neither.

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