Are you ready to hear this?

I wish we could see 2 versions of our older self...

Version 1:

Ate too much crap, processed food

Didn't lift weights to create a strong frame and were more likely to get injured from falling.

Higher chance of contracting chronic diseases

Version 2:

Ate a balanced diet of fresh produce

Regularly lifted weights to prevent breaking bones after a fall (if they fall at all!)

Lower chance of contracting chronic diseases

I'm well aware that this sounds harsh, but it's true.

I've oversimplified these 2 versions and there are so many other factors I could mention here, but hopefully you see my point.

If you could stand these 2 versions of yourself side-by-side, the difference between them would be striking, which version would you prefer to be? I really hope it's version 2.

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If you want a better future, change your now.