6 diet and exercise mistakes I made that I want you to avoid

When I look back at some of the things I used to do and believe when it comes to my own diet and exercise, I want to laugh out loud. However, back then, I didn't know what I know now and it's through a combination of education and experience that I have learned that I wasted so much time thinking and doing these things. I don't want you to waste your time as I did, so here are 6 of my mistakes I want you to avoid in your weight loss journey:

1. "I've exercised today so I can eat whatever I want" Oh wow, this mentality set me back for so long. I used to think that just because I had been through a tough training session, that somehow calories didn't matter. I could have that triple-stack burger and large fries and it would just dissolve into nothing in my body. Oh dear 🙈

2. "Carbs will make me fat" No, no, no, no, no, no, NO!! I used to avoid foods like pasta and potatoes because I thought they would make me put on weight. Potatoes!! What the hell? Carbs will not make you fat, just like sugar will not make you fat. A consistent intake of too many calories for the amount you move will make you fat.

3. "Lifting weights will make me bulky" Oh no it won't. As females, we don't have the hormonal capacity to become bulky as a result of lifting weights. See my previous post about the awesome benefits of lifting weights.

4. "I've been good all week so I can splurge at the weekend" No wonder nothing changed with this thought doing the rounds in my head every Friday. Any calorie deficit I had achieved throughout the week was negated by the sheer amount of calories I mindlessly shoved into my face over the weekend!

5. "I didn't sweat so that must have been a pointless workout" I used to think that the sign of a good workout was me, in a heap on the floor, dripping with sweat and gasping for breath. Now don't get me wrong, I do enjoy that feeling from time to time, it's not a pretty sight, but who cares! However, this doesn't determine whether or not you've had a good workout. A good workout consists of improved strength and mobility (through lifting weights), better balance and flexibility (through lifting weights 😉) all of which lead to an improved quality of life (via the act of lifting weights 😉😉).

6. "Oooh, diet pills, they will be the answer to all my problems!" Don't even get me started on this one 😒

I hope you've taken some value away from this post. Perhaps you've thought the exact same things but don't know what you should be doing to get the results you want. If that sounds like you, I want to help you. I'm looking for 2 women who want to break away from all the BS to achieve long-lasting weight loss results. Send me a message and I'll get back to you for a chat.