5 reasons why alcohol interferes with weight loss

Alcohol. You know it inhibits weight-loss, but do you know why? When we know why something happens, we are truly empowered and armed with the tools to help us make better informed choices. So, here goes:

1. Alcohol is the second most calorific nutrient, with 7 calories per gram. Fats contain 9 cals per gram and carbs and protein both contain 4 cals per gram. It can be easy to consume alcohol in large quantities, sending our daily calorie consumption through the roof.

2. The body sees alcohol as a poison so it wants to process and get rid of it as soon as possible. In a nutshell, this means that anything else you have eaten that day effectively has to wait its turn to be processed, resulting in any calories in that food that haven't been burned as energy that day, will be stored as fat.

3. Alcohol makes us hungry, and you just know you're not going to reach for a salad after a few glasses of Chateauneuf Du Pape. Alcohol has the habit of making us crave the high salt/fat foods, which are no dieters friend, and I also refer you back to reason number 2.

4. Not only can alcohol make us hungry at the time of drinking, it is also likely we'll make less than desirable food choices the following day. We are almost powerless against the call of the hangover fry up, and whatever else may tempt you that day.

5. Alcohol can rob us of our motivation. The hangover may have subsided, but have you ever noticed how your 'get up and go' just isn't with you for the first few days of the week if you've enjoyed a night out? With the thought of exercise burying itself at the back of your mind.

I promise I'm not a member of the Fun Police, but if you're really serious about your weight loss goals, then these are all things to bear in mind, and keep asking yourself, 'What's more important to me?'