4 reasons why batch cooking is a great way to approach mealtimes

1️⃣ It saves you time. I’m not talking about meal prepping here, that’s something a bit different. By cooking double, or even quadruple the amount you need of one meal, you simply portion out the leftovers and either have that meal again for lunch or freeze them to have another day (just remember to take it out of the freezer in time!). No need to spend more time cooking another meal.

2️⃣ It saves you money. Cooking meals in batches means the ingredients go a lot further, particularly if you’re choosing to cook soups, stews, curries, chillis, tagines etc - basically one-pot cooking – where pretty much anything goes and the types of ingredients that go in these meals also tend to be cheaper.

3️⃣ It saves you calories. If you find tracking your calories is a bit of a stop-start exercise, batch cooking can really help you keep on top of how much food you’re consuming simply because you don’t need to track the calories in a particular meal more than once. Just adding the recipe to your calorie tracker at the time of cooking, with the set amount of portions means the job is done and dusted in one go. The next time you have that meal, you only need to choose it from your list of recipes and log it, job done!

4️⃣ It saves on washing up…if, like me, you don’t have a dishwasher!!

Having said all of the above, we have a bit of a situation on our hands at the moment, talk about going wild in the aisles! Things have gone a bit nuts in the supermarkets recently, so finding some of the ingredients you may need to make a big old batch cooked chilli might be something of a challenge, however, on the flip side, store cupboard ingredients lend themselves perfectly to these kinds of recipes so chances are you’ve already got a lot of them in your cupboards.

If you’re stuck for recipe ideas, I can highly recommend my veggie chilli (pictured above) which is delicious and hugely versatile. If you’d like the recipe, contact me and I’ll send it to you today.