4 pieces of exercise equipment every home should have

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Do you think it's necessary to have a gym membership to enable you to get a good workout?

I haven't had a gym membership for nearly a decade, and yes, I do have access to my home gym, this is my where I run my business from after all, but before all of that got started, I quit my gym membership in favour of working out at home, and if you could see the size of my sitting room you'd know that it's possible to exercise in the smallest of spaces! All I had at that time was a kettlebell and my husbands rusty old dumbbells...oh, and my own body!

Do you find it hard to find the time to go to the gym? Do you put your work and family commitments before your own? No need to worry, to put yourself through your own paces at home, you really don't need a lot of space, time or equipment, but I do recommend these 4 bits of kit:

1) Resistance bands. They're inexpensive, portable and extremely versatile. They can be used for mobility exercises as well as resistance training, and they come in a variety of tensions to suit all abilities.

2) Sliders. Again, these cost next to nothing and like resistance bands are also portable. They usually come with 2 difference textures on each side so you can use them on carpets and hard floors, and they really challenge the whole body. Anybody who uses them for the first time will tell you they reach muscles they didn't know they had!

3) Dumbbells. These obviously come in a whole host of different weights, and there isn't a part of the body that can't be worked with dumbbells.

4) Suspension trainer. Another piece of kit that's light, portable and can be put away when you're not using it. All you need is a door (closed) to use one of these and like all the other pieces of kit I've mentioned, it's extremely versatile and can be used to challenge the whole body.

Chuck your own body into the mix, and you've got everything you need to work every muscle in the body, without spending a fortune, and without the need for that gym membership (that you may never use anyway). PLUS, you don't even need to go anywhere! In these cold, dark days of winter, mustering up the enthusiasm to go to the gym can be hard for a lot of you, but you can use all of the above in the warm comfort of your own home...happy days!!

The only thing that you may not be sure of is what makes an effective exercise program, I can help here too! I created The Fiona Digby-Jones Method to help women who are either new to exercise, or have a little experience but aren't seeing results from their efforts to build an effective, progressive training program that builds strength, burns fat and sends energy levels the roof! Alongside this, my clients benefit from tailored nutrition coaching, that enables them to lose weight without missing out on their favourite foods. To join them, and learn how you can drop a dress size in time for Christmas, drop me an email with the words 'home workout' and I'll get back to you with details of how I will help you achieve your desired goals.