3 simple fitness strategies for 2020

As we emerge from the fogginess of Christmas and look forward to the New Year celebrations, your mindset is likely to be shifting towards all the things you want to achieve with your health and fitness in 2020, but before you make yourself all those promises, here are 3 of my simple coaching strategies that I use at the start of a new year:

1. Go back to basics. Over the festive period, there's a high chance you've consumed more calories than you normally would each day, and indulged in foods you wouldn't normally eat throughout the rest of the year. So it's almost like pressing the reset button in the early days of January, refocussing on what your body needs and introducing simple, nutritious foods that will build your energy levels back up after the fog of Christmas and New Year.

2. Set new goals. It's always a good idea to have short, medium and long term diet and fitness goals. When you work on the small goals first, you are highly likely to achieve them, as long as you implement the tools needed each day to get you there. Smashing that first short term goal will give you the motivation to move on to your medium-term goal, and so on and so on.

3. Small changes, BIG difference. I don't encourage you to change everything at once. This strategy is not sustainable and leads to feelings of frustration and burn out which ultimately results in you giving up and ending up right back where you started. Making small, manageable changes to your daily routine will add up over time and make a big difference.

These are just 3 of the strategies I use to help my clients. If you think you would benefit from these and the many other ways I can help you to lose weight in 2020, drop me a message and we'll chat in more detail about how we can get started.