3 reasons why weighing scales suck!

It is so easy to feel deflated by those b*stard weighing scales, one day your weight is down, the next it's up and you have no idea why, yet you're a slave to them, using them as your only means to track your weight loss progress. You need to ditch them pronto and here's why:

1. I mentioned above that one day the scales will tell you you weigh one weight, and the next, another. You think 'surely I can't have put on that much weight in a day' and no, you haven't. There are so many factors at play here, from how hydrated you are, to what you've been eating recently, to where you are in your cycle, yet you take what the scales say as gospel, but they are lying to you, step away!!

2. How much you weigh doesn't tell you everything you need to know. Body composition is loosely described as the ratio of how much body fat you have compared to muscle tissue, and before anyone says 'muscle weighs more than fat' allow me to stop you right there, 1kg of muscle weighs the same as 1kg of fat, it's just denser and so takes up less space in the body so someone who has a higher ratio of muscle to body fat could quite easily weigh the same, if not more than someone who has more body fat than muscle tissue, however, these 2 people will look very different, the person with more muscle tissue will look slimmer.

3. Your weight does not define you. Have you ever looked at someone and thought 'oh, they must weigh X kilos' and then judged them on that? Nope! Or at least I hope not. No one walks around wondering how much other people weigh, so why are you so fixated on your own weight? Yes, it is clearly a good idea to be under a certain weight for good health, but obsessing over 1 or 2 kilos week in, week out is not great for your mental space.

The only reason I measure my clients' weight is so I can measure how many calories they should be aiming to consume daily to lose body fat. That's it.

A far better approach to tracking your weight loss progress is by taking before and after photos and taking tape measure measurements. You will also know if you are losing body fat by the way your clothes fit.

So please, stop obsessing over the weighing scales to track your weight loss progress.

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