3 reasons why exercise is so important

I can see you there, perched on the fence, wondering whether or not you should start exercising. The list of reasons to exercise is longer than my arm! If you’re in a quandary over whether it’s the right thing for you, here my top 3 reasons why exercise is so flippin’ important for all of us.

1. It helps to keep your weight under control. Being generally active on a daily basis uses energy and in today’s society where so many jobs (and lifestyles) involve sitting on your derriére for a large proportion of the day, it’s more important than ever to take steps (no pun intended) to get your body moving. When you move, you burn calories - when you don’t move, you also burn calories, but moving to burn calories is better! – and the more you move, the more calories you will burn, helping to stave off weight-gain. If you’re new to exercise, don’t underestimate the power of walking to get you started, it’s a great form of exercise, but if you’re ready to take it to the next level, join a gym or fitness class, or hire a PT and let a fitness professional show you the ropes and build the right programme for your needs. Finding a form of exercise that you enjoy will help you to stick with it long-term. At this point, I’d like to add that exercise is only part of the equation when it comes to weight management, nutrition plays a key role and I’ll be delving more into that later this week so stay tuned.

" I’ve shifted half a stone in weight" - Anthony, Merrow

2. It’s good for your mental well-being. If you’ve ever done any form of exercise, you’ll know how great you feel afterwards. Those feel-good hormones; endorphins, are released during bouts of activity which lift your mood and create a natural high. Regular exercise has been shown to lower the risk of depression and feelings of anxiety and anything that can reduce these feelings and avoid the need for popping pills is a good thing. Quite often, exercise is the only medication you need.

" I feel physically, emotionally and mentally stronger. Priceless." - Lucy, Guildford

3. It builds a strong, healthy body that will look after you into old age. Moving more into the world of resistance training, where my true passions lie, regularly lifting weights helps to maintain strong bones and preserves lean muscle mass, meaning you have a much higher chance of not needing to sell your home and move into a bungalow or buy an expensive and unattractive stairlift when you reach your twilight years. Look after your body and it will look after you!

"I am stronger than I’ve been in over a decade. Who’d have thought I could lift weights ever, let alone starting in my 40s!" - Kate, Guildford

If this post has got you thinking and encouraged you to embark on a new exercise programme, drop me an email to let me know about your goals, I’d love to help you.